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Since its establishment, Omega has been committed to creating practical and reliable timepieces. It has also shown its skills in space and deep sea. While providing accurate timekeeping in the field of sports timing, it has continuously upgraded and developed timing technology and equipment, and developed a series of timepieces. After establishing the legend of watchmaking craftsmanship, Omega’s story also began. Omega “Ω” symbolizes the beginning and the end of things, represents the extraordinary quality of “perfection, extreme, excellence, achievement”, and interprets OMEGA’s pursuit of “excellent quality” business philosophy and “advocating tradition and innovation” spirit style . There is an inseparable relationship between the copied Omega history and its visionary and pioneering founder. In order to convince the public that the founder’s innovative timepieces can be equally accurate, he deliberately assembled the imitation watch with a small precision movement produced by a watchmaking company in Biel, Switzerland.

In order to promote the many outstanding qualities of Omega Oyster watches, we decided to innovate and promote. Using the best service and the highest quality watches, with the highest product quality assurance, to bring our customers the best products, this is our promise!